Israeli startup NoTraffic raises $3.2m for congestion management system

Company’s AI algorithms use live data from streets to optimize timing of traffic lights, thus streamlining traffic

The NoTraffic team (Courtesy)
The NoTraffic team (Courtesy)

Israeli startup NoTraffic has recently raised $3.2 million for its congestion management system.

The company, founded by CTO Uriel Katz, VP R&D Or Sela, and CEO Tal Kreisler, has developed a traffic management system that tracks vehicle movement in cities and uses AI algorithms to optimize traffic lights at intersections.

“According to the information gathered, the system streamlines the timing of the traffic lights to maximize traffic flow and reduce loads, prioritize different types of vehicles, and prevent accident[s] in real time,” the company says.

The company has completed pilots in California and is planning to launch several more in other locations throughout the US in the coming months.

It says the system can also use communication between smart vehicles and city infrastructure to prevent collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles, providing vehicles with live information on dangers outside their line of sight before they appear.

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