Airstrike hits explosive laden car as heavy fighting continues in Gaza

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

Fighting continues in the southern and central Gaza Strip, with the IDF saying troops killed numerous Hamas gunmen over the past day.

In Khan Younis, the IDF says troops directed several airstrikes on Hamas operatives and captured weapons.

The 7th Armored Brigade killed several gunmen with tank shelling and sniper fire in the Khan Younis area, as well as destroyed sites where Hamas operatives were gathered, the IDF says.

In one incident, troops of the 7th Brigade spotted a Hamas cell loading a vehicle with explosives and called in an airstrike. Later, the IDF says troops spotted another group of gunmen planting explosives in the area, and called in a new strike.

In central Gaza, the IDF says the Nahal Brigade killed some 10 Hamas operatives over the past day, including in close-quarters combat and by directing tank shelling.

In northern Gaza, after rockets were fired yesterday at Israeli border communities, the IDF says it carried out airstrikes and artillery shelling against several Hamas sites identified in the area of the launch.

A video released by the IDF shows several of the airstrikes in Gaza over the past day.


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