Anti-Israel protesters set up encampment at Drexel University, reports of antisemitism

Anti-Israel protesters set up a new encampment at Drexel University in Philadelphia over the weekend, prompting a lockdown of school buildings, a day after authorities thwarted an attempted occupation of a school building at the neighboring University of Pennsylvania campus.

Up to 60 protesters were at the encampment on the campus’ Korman Quad Sunday, Drexel President John Fry says, adding that the university is speaking with demonstrators — most of whom he says are not affiliated with the school —in an effort to end the protest.

“This demonstration already has proved intolerably disruptive to normal University operations and has raised serious concerns about the conduct of some participants, including distressing reports and images of protesters subjecting passersby to antisemitic speech, signs and chants,” Fry says, declaring that “this encampment must end.”

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