‘I refuse to be silent’: Biden tells Jewish leaders at White House meeting on Hamas attacks

US President Joe Biden delivers a speech to Jewish leaders at the White House, saying the administration has stepped up efforts to protect the Jewish community in the US, condemning those who defend or downplay Hamas’s atrocities.

He describes what happened in southern Israel as “not only terror but sheer evil, sheer evil.”

“More than 1,000 civilians slaughtered,” he says.

“This attack was a campaign of pure cruelty, not just hate, but cruelty, against the Jewish people,” he adds, calling it the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust.

“Silence is complicity,” he says. “I refuse to be silent.”

“It goes beyond rejecting terrorism,” he says, noting what the administration is doing to back Israel militarily. “We made it clear to the Iranians: be careful.”

Biden defends the administration’s lack of clarity on efforts to secure the hostages’ release as necessary but says that the US is doing “a lot” to get them home.

Getting angry and slamming his fists down, he notes the importance of fighting hate.

“That’s why I took my kids, everyone when they turned 14, one at a time, put them on a plane and took them to Dachau, I wanted them to see, that you could not not know what was going on, walking through those gates. You could not fail to understand as a country what was going on.”

He repeats his line that “were there no Israel, no Jew would be safe,” repeating several times that there would be “no guarantee.”

He also warns Israel against going too far in its response, saying they must operate “by the rules of war, and there are rules of war.”

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