CrowdSolutions firm counts around 108,000 at anti-overhaul protest in Tel Aviv

Some 108,000 people are protesting at the main anti-judicial overhaul rally in Tel Aviv, according to Channel 13 news, which cited data from the CrowdSolutions firm.

In her address to demonstrators, protest leader Shikma Bressler says police “again pay the heavy price for the neglect of the Netanyahu government,” in reference to violent clashes between rival Eritrean asylum seeker groups in Tel Aviv earlier in the day.

“Someone is responsible for the chaos in Tel Aviv today. In 2018, there was an agreement that would have returned most of the Eritreans, and Netanyahu withdrew from the deal because of Kahanist racism,” she says.

“For the umpteenth time, decision-makers did not act in the best interest of the country,” she adds.

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