Egypt said to form panel to mull moves against Israel amid anger over Rafah op

Egypt has reportedly formed a panel of international law experts that will look into potential steps Cairo is weighing against Israel, as the country fumes over the IDF’s offensive in Rafah.

According to UAE news site The National, which cites unnamed sources, the panel is to also include constitutional experts and senior intelligence officers.

The report says further details on the panel’s makeup and mandate are unknown, but elaborates that it “reflects the depth of anger Cairo feels over the seizure by Israel on May 7 of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, as well as its rapidly expanding ground operation in the border city.”

It adds that contrary to previous reports, Egypt will not suspend the 1979 peace treaty with Israel. Moves being mulled include downgrading the country’s diplomatic representation in Israel, and withdrawing Egypt’s ambassador.

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