Galon slams Bennett’s incitement; Bennett: Don’t blame me for Rabin murder

Aryeh Deri pulls the ethnic card with Naftali Bennett, protesting that Jewish Home briefly recruited soccer star Eli Ohana because he was Sephardi and “intelligent” — to quote Jewish Home’s Ayelet Shaked.

“It’s not even worth responding to, I’m disappointed by the question,” Bennett says. “Don’t play the ethnic card; we’re all Jews.”

Zahava Galon to Bennett: “How come you and your party think you’re some divine gift to the people? You treat gays and lesbians as subhuman, you believe Arabs are second class citizens, you allow yourselves to incite against the left. Where does this come from? You’re an extreme right wing party.”

Bennett: “For 20 years the left took down Netanyahu’s head by calling him guilty for Rabin’s murder. I am not of this generation, I love this country. Maybe you forgot the Torah and that we were here for 3,000 years. I want every Israeli child to know who was Abraham.”

Bennett cites his army service and tells Galon “I defended you in your home.”

“Don’t dare accuse me of the Rabin assassination,” he repeats. “I’m proud of who I am.”

Aiman Odeh to Bennett: “You say we are all Jews – I say we are all human.”

Then Odeh turns to Deri: “You claim to represent ‘the transparent ones – I represent the ultra transparent, the unrecognized villages in the Negev, where a third of the children are poor.”

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