Global community marks World Children’s Day as some 40 children, babies held hostage in Gaza

Today is World Children’s Day.

Some 40 children and babies are among the more than 240 hostages taken hostage to Gaza during Hamas’s shock October 7 invasion of southern Israeli communities, when 3,000 terrorists broke through the border and murdered some 1,200 people, a majority of them civilians, amid brutal atrocities.

In response, Israel vowed to eliminate the terror group in a military campaign that the Hamas-run health ministry says has killed 13,000 people in Gaza, including thousands of children. Those figures cannot be independently verified.

Minister Benny Gantz, a member of the war cabinet and the leader of the National Unity party, posts a collage of the faces of the children and babies kidnapped from Israel and held in the Gaza Strip.

In addition to those kidnapped, a hostage gave birth to a baby while in Gaza.

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