Hamas condemns US-led strikes on Houthis, saying Washington and London responsible for repercussions

A strike on Houthi rebel sites in Yemen on January 12, 2024. (Screen capture/X)
A strike on Houthi rebel sites in Yemen on January 12, 2024. (Screen capture/X)

CAIRO — Hamas has condemned US-led strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen, saying Washington and London are responsible for any repercussions in the wider region.

“We consider [the attack] a crime and a blatant aggression against Yemeni sovereignty, and a threat to the security of the region,” the Palestinian terror group said in a statement on Telegram.

Hamas and the Houthi rebels are allies, brought together by a common enemy, Israel, and backed by a common sponsor, Iran.

The Houthis have launched at least 27 attacks against commercial shipping since the war between Israel and Hamas erupted on October 7. The group says the attacks are in response to the war in Gaza, but many of the ships targeted have no connection to Israel.

The Kremlin also condemns the US-led strikes, calling them “illegitimate from the point of view of international law.”

“The countries that struck, they tried to put their actions on the basis of international law,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov tells reporters, referring to a UN resolution adopted earlier this week that demanded an immediate halt to attacks by the Houthi rebels on ships in the Red Sea. “This attempt was unsuccessful, because the adopted resolution does not provide any right to strike,” Peskov says.

However, he describes the rebels’ attacks on ships in the Red Sea as “extremely wrong” and adds that Russia “repeatedly called on the Houthis to abandon this practice.”

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