Jewish Israeli sentenced to 38 months for racist assault on Arab

A Jewish Israeli man is sentenced to three years and two months behind bars for his part in a mob assault of an Arab man last year during a wave of intense intercommunal violence in the country.

Nissim Azulay, 29, of Petah Tikva was convicted of aggravated assault and vandalizing a vehicle, both with racist intent, during the May 2021 incident at a mosque in Herzliya.

A second man, Yaakov Atenau, was sentenced in May to five years for taking part in the same assault.

According to police, as many as 15 men participated in the assault on Ghassan Haj Yahya, an Arab Israeli resident of Taibe, who was eating the Ramadan fast-breaking meal in his car outside the Sidna Ali Mosque in Herzliya.

Six people in all were indicted in the incident.

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