Jordan says it airdropped medical aid into Gaza, seemingly bypassing Rafah

Jordan’s air force has airdropped medical aid into Gaza, King Abdullah says on Twitter, seemingly bypassing Israel’s tight embargo on unsupervised aid entering the Strip.

The Jordanian monarch says the airdrop took place around midnight, with medical supplies and drugs being parachuted to a Jordanian field hospital in Gaza.

“This is our duty to aid our brothers and sisters injured in the war on Gaza. We will always be there for our Palestinian brethren,” Abdullah says in the tweet.

It is unclear if the aid reached the hospital, or if the operation was carried out with Israel’s knowledge or consent.

Israel has insisted on inspecting all aid entering the Strip via the Rafah crossing with Egypt, fearing that weapons or defensive equipment could be smuggled to the Hamas terror group.

Gazans and others have complained that the amount of aid is too paltry and the pace too slow to reach the Strip.

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