Jordan slams ‘extremist Israeli settlers’ for dumping Gaza aid truck contents on street

Lazar Berman is The Times of Israel's diplomatic reporter

Jordan accuses “extremist Israeli settlers” of attacking two Jordanian aid convoys carrying food to Gaza this morning, one through Kerem Shalom and one through the newly opened crossing into the northern Gaza Strip.

The two convoys, organized by the Jordanian Hashemite Charitable Organization, the UN World Food Program, and British, South African, and American charities, had some of their goods dumped onto the street, according to Jordan.

The Israeli organization Tzav 9, which opposes aid being sent to Gaza while hostages are still being held there, organized a demonstration at the Allenby Crossing between Israel and Jordan overnight to block the convoys. Images on social media showed young women sitting on the road in front of a truck, while other demonstrators held Israeli flags and pictures of the hostages. There were no signs of violence in any of the footage.

The IDF declared the area around the crossing a closed military zone overnight.

Jordan’s Foreign Ministry releases a statement saying that Israel failed in its obligations to allow aid to enter Gaza. The two convoys did reach their intended destinations.

Amman also calls on the international community to punish Israel for the incidents.

The Foreign Ministry tells The Times of Israel that it has received no official communication on the matter from Jordan.

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