Netanyahu offers Feiglin a cabinet post, pot deregulation to bow out of race

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s offer to Zehut party chief Moshe Feiglin to convince him to drop out of the race is more generous than previously reported, according to Channel 13.

Netanyahu not only offered Feiglin a senior ministerial post dealing with the economy — the economy ministry? Or even the vaunted finance ministry? — but purportedly promised to cover Zehut’s campaign debts and pass legislation further easing access to medical cannabis, a signature Zehut demand.

Netanyahu is reported to have offered even more if Feiglin leaves the race and publicly backs Likud.

Netanyahu is hard at work attempting to convince marginal far-right parties like Zehut, Otzma Yehudit and Noam to drop out of the race in order to increase the chances that their voters will back parties like Likud and Yamina, upping the Knesset representation of right-wing parties after September 17.

Channel 13 also says that the Noam party, which is running almost single-mindedly against the LGBT community and LGBT rights, is planning to bow out of the race.

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