Obama praises pick, calls on Republicans to give him fair shake

Obama says Garland is a consensus candidate, noting that he is always willing to give both sides of a debate a hearing.

“To find someone…who just about everyone not only respects, but genuinely likes—that is rare,” he says.

He adds that Garland’s name is the only one that has come up repeatedly when talking to both Democrats and Republicans

But Obama knows he will face an uphill battle, with Republicans thretaning to block any Obama nominee until he leaves office.

He says “to go down that path would be wrong,” calling it a “betrayal.”

He points to the political climate and says this is not the time to be divisive.

“This is the time to play it straight.”

He adds that not giving Garland and up or down vote would be “unprecedented.”

“I simply ask Republicans to give him a fair hearing,” he adds.


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