Palestinian media reports renewed fighting in northern Gaza’s Jabaliya

There is renewed fighting in northern Gaza’s Jabaliya, Palestinian media reports.

Yesterday, the IDF said it was also preparing to launch a new operation in the area, after identifying attempts by Hamas to regroup there.

An evacuation order was given for the Jabaliya area, where the IDF estimated between 100,000 and 150,000 Palestinians were.

According to a Channel 13 news report, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi cited the need for troops to return to Jabaliya when he tore into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during security consultations over the weekend for failing to develop and declare a so-called “day after” strategy for who will rule Gaza after the war.

“We are now operating once again in Jabaliya. As long as there’s no diplomatic process to develop a governing body in the Strip that isn’t Hamas, we’ll have to launch campaigns again and again in other places to dismantle Hamas’s infrastructure,” Halevi was quoted by Channel 13 as saying. “It will be a Sisyphean task.”

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