Palestinian reports: One of Haniyeh’s sisters killed in Gaza airstrike

One of the sisters of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has reportedly been killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City’s Shati camp.

Palestinian reports cited by Hebrew media claim that 13 other people were also killed in the strike.

In April, Israel killed three of Haniyeh’s sons, saying they were operatives in the terror group, along with four of his grandchildren, three girls and a boy, according to Hamas.

At the time, the Qatar-based political leader told Al Jazeera that he “thank[s] God for bestowing upon us the honor of their martyrdom.”

Earlier this year, police in Israel arrested one of Haniyeh’s sisters, an Israeli citizen living in Tel Sheva. Three of the Hamas leader’s sisters live in the southern town and were married to Arab Israelis. Two are now widowed and have fallen foul of Israeli authorities in the past by making illegal trips into Gaza in 2013 via Egypt. They were both given eight-month suspended sentences for the visits in 2015. Later that year, Israel denied Haniyeh’s request that his sisters be permitted to attend his son’s wedding in Gaza.

It is not immediately clear which of Haniyeh’s sisters was reported killed in the strike today.

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