PM on Sa’ar: I’m busy saving Israel, while he saves his political career

During his press conference, Netanyahu also lashes out at his new rival Gideon Sa’ar, who quit Likud to form a new party and challenge him for the premiership.

“He lost by a huge margin,” says Netanyahu, referring to a Likud leadership contest between the two of them last year, which saw Netanyahu win over 70% of the Likud vote. “A large majority of Likud voters supported me. While I’m busy bringing vaccines and relief to Israel, there are those who are busy saving their political careers.”

Netanyahu also claims internal polls within Likud showed Sa’ar slipping down to the 10th-20th slot in Likud party primaries.

He accuses Sa’ar of abstaining on a preliminary vote earlier today on the so-called “Equality Law” which would undermine the Jewish state law.

Tweets Sa’ar in response: “Netanyahu looks very stressed tonight. But that’s no reason to lie. I did not abstain from voting today. On the contrary: I voted against it.”

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