Police clear Ayalon freeway for second time; mother of hostage says time for deal is now

Police have managed to clear protesters from the Ayalon freeway in Tel Aviv after it was blocked for a second time by families of hostages and others supporting a deal to free captives, Channel 12 news reports.

Videos from the scene show at least one person appearing to be detained by police.

Protesters are demanding that Israel accept a deal offered by Hamas that would apparently free hostages in exchange for a ceasefire.

“The time has come to take the deal. The time has come for a ceasefire,” Einav Zangauker, mother of hostage Matan Zangauker, yells into a bullhorn from the roof of a car stopped on the highway. We won’t let them pass up the chance tonight.”

Zangauker, who has become a leading government critic,  tells channel 12 that the protests seen Monday night “are just the start.”

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