Police reveal arrest of 4 Jewish terror suspects

Four Jewish Israelis, including two minors, are being held on suspicion of terror attacks against Palestinians, it is revealed Monday.

The two minors, ages 16 and 17, are suspected of “security transgressions against Palestinians,” security officials say.

One was arrested on April 5. The second was arrested today.

One adult suspect, identified by police as Dana Shneur, was also arrested on April 5 on suspicion of setting a Palestinian’s vehicle on fire, conspiring to commit a crime and being a member of an illegal organization.

The fourth suspect is identified as Pinhas Shandorfi. He was arrested April 5. No details were offered about the suspicions against him.

All four have their remand extended today by one week, until April 18.

A court-imposed gag order prevents the publication of further details.

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