Protesters boo Yair Netanyahu for staying put in Miami rather than returning to Israel amid war

Protesters boo Yair Netanyahu for staying in Miami rather than returning to Israel. Blowing horns and screaming, they express anger that the outspoken son of the prime minister remains abroad despite being nearly half a year into the war against Hamas.

The younger Netanyahu left Israel in the aftermath of massive protests on March 26, 2023, when hundreds of thousands took to the streets around the country in anger over his father’s decision to oust Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who had called on the government to pause its planned judicial overhaul, saying it threatened national security.

Last month, Channel 12 reported that Yair enjoys a security detail there to which he does not appear to be entitled.

Securing Yair Netanyahu’s stay in an extravagant apartment complex in Miami, Florida, with a chauffeur and a pair of bodyguards from the Shin Bet’s elite Unit 730, costs the state an estimated NIS 200,000 ($55,000) a month, according to the report, for a total of NIS 2.5 million ($680,000) to date.

The younger Netanyahu has long been an outspoken social media critic of his father’s political opponents.

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