Ra’am doesn’t recommend any MK to form government, says will work with whoever has mandate

The Islamist Ra’am party, which emerged from the March 23 elections as a potential kingmaker, refrains from recommending any specific Knesset member be tasked with forming a government, telling President Reuven Rivlin it will cooperate with whichever lawmaker is charged with assembling a coalition.

With Ra’am’s decision, Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid emerges from the consultations with 51 recommendations and Yamina chief Naftali Bennett has seven. The majority-Arab Joint List has not yet announced a final decision, while Netanyahu’s right-wing religious bloc recommended sending the mandate to the Knesset rather than having it go to another lawmaker.

Rivlin is holding the consultations on how to proceed after Netanyahu’s deadline for forming a government expired last night, with the premier having failed to securing a ruling majority.

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