Report: Cypriot police now believe plot against Israeli likely terrorism

Cypriot police have found evidence that the Azeri suspect arrested for allegedly planning to assassinate an Israeli businessman was part of a terror plot, Cypriot media reports.

Israel said soon after reports of the plot to kill Teddy Sagi emerged that it was an Iranian attempt to hit Israelis, but so far local authorities had not confirmed this.

Now, PhileNews reports that the most likely scenario at this time is terrorism targeting Israelis and was “intended to send a message.”

Yesterday a local Cypriot website reported that a second suspect has been arrested in connection with the plot — a 27-year-old food delivery worker originally from Pakistan.

As for the Azeri suspect, during a hearing in Cyprus last week, officials unsealed documents listing 11 charges the man is being investigated on, including terror activity, attempted murder, belonging to a criminal organization, conspiracy to commit a crime, and being in the country illegally, Channel 12 news reported.

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