Report: Hostage deal offer would see IDF pull out of Gaza population centers for 6 weeks

The Washington Post publishes what is says are details of the hostage deal proposed by mediators to which Israel has broadly agreed, and which Hamas is now considering.

Citing sources with knowledge on the matter, the paper says the agreement would include a six-week pause in the war, with Israeli forces withdrawing from population centers in Gaza, though not from the territory entirely, and a major boost to humanitarian aid going into the enclave.

It would also see Israel release three Palestinian prisoners for every Israeli returned — the same rate as in November’s release deal. The report does not say how many hostages would be released under the first phase of the deal.

The framework, which is seen as preliminary, offers extensions of the six-week pause in exchange for further releases.

The report differs from others made in recent days on the deal. Channel 12 reported Monday that Israel could free 100-250 prisoners for every hostage under the proposal. The Prime Minister’s Office said then that reports were “incorrect and include [ostensible] conditions that are not acceptable to Israel.”

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