Report: Soldier killed by comrade kept running toward him despite being hit

A soldier who was shot and killed by his comrade in an apparent case of mistaken identity kept running toward him, even after he was hit by the first bullet, the Ynet news site reports from the findings of a probe into the incident.

20-year-old Nathan Fitoussi was shot dead on Monday night after he returned to a guard post near the Palestinian city of Tulkarem and was misidentified as a threat, according to an initial probe.

The soldier who shot him, who has only been identified by the first letter of his name in Hebrew, Aleph, fired eight bullets in total, some into the air as a warning shot.

But after his first bullet hit Fitoussi, the wounded soldier kept running toward him, prompting Aleph to fire again, hitting Fitoussi in the chest.

Fitoussi managed to say “It’s me,” before collapsing, the report says.

It was only then that Aleph realized he had opened fire on his comrade and called his commanding officers, telling them  “I shot Fitoussi, I shot Fitoussi.”

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