Reports: Just 8 hostages to go free today, with 2 women freed yesterday completing to 10

Multiple Hebrew media outlets report that the updated list of hostages to be freed today is made up of only eight hostages — six women and two children — and that the two Israeli-Russian women released last night as a “gesture” to Russian President Vladimir Putin will count toward today’s list.

Some of the reports, which cite an unnamed “Israeli official,” say that three bodies of abductees will also be returned.

According to the ceasefire rules, the pause in fighting can continue for more days only if the Hamas terror group frees 10 women and children for each day of the extension.

Hamas initially suggested a list of seven women and children, as well as three bodies, which Israel rejected as insufficient and as separating families, threatening to renew the fighting at 7 a.m.

Israel and Qatar have confirmed that the truce will continue today after Hamas passed a list that “complies” with the truce rules.

Ynet quotes the Israeli official as saying: “The negotiations were very difficult and nerve-wracking. There was a battle over every name. We were very close to stopping the deal entirely.”

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