Russian-Israeli journalist blacklisted by Moscow banned from entering Serbia

A Russian-Israeli journalist labeled a “foreign agent” by Moscow was banned from entering Serbia over alleged security risks, he says in a video.

Roman Perl says he was on a private visit when he landed at Belgrade airport Saturday.

He was kept waiting for hours before finally being handed an order banning him from entering the country, he says in the video posted by the Voice of America broadcaster.

“They gave me a paper stating that there are security risks if I were to be on Serbian territory,” Perl said, speaking in English but with his remarks voiced over in Serbian.

The journalist said that he had only come to visit a friend.

Moscow labeled Perl a “foreign agent” in October 2021, based on a law condemned by the international community.

The controversial law allows the authorities to crack down on organizations, media outlets and others deemed “foreign agents.” Adopted in 2012, it has since been hardened several times.

It was this legislation that prompted Perl to move to Israel.

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