Several Palestinians in Gaza demonstrate in solidarity with US campus protests

A small group of Palestinians demonstrated in central Gaza in solidarity with pro-Palestinian protests taking place across university campuses in the United States.

At a camp for displaced people in the city of Deir al-Balah, signs read: “Thanks for your solidarity! THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.” Other posters thanked several other American universities where pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been taking place, including Harvard, MIT, Northwestern and George Washington universities.

“This protest is to thank American universities and American students for standing with us and conveying our message to the world to stop the war and genocide that is taking place in Gaza,” says Mai Afifi, a Palestinian university student.

“I hope that Arab and Islamic universities will stand with us like American universities and try to stop the genocide, because we are students with dreams and ambitions and we want to complete our university studies,” Afifi adds.

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