Speaker Ryan says, ‘United capital of Jerusalem, never to be divided again’

House Speaker Ryan says he is “so honored” to be here on this “historic anniversary.”

“50 years — can you believe that? It’s pretty amazing. Some of us weren’t even born yet — isn’t that right, ambassador,” he says, to some laughter.

Jerusalem, the “spiritual and religious capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years”, was reunited again, he says.

Israeli soldiers saved their country from “annihilation,” he says, noting the heavy casualties during the Six Day War.

“There is something so special about Jerusalem,” he says, “you cannot explain it in words, but you feel it. It is unlike any other place in the world,” he adds, noting the convergence of the three monotheistic religions.

Jerusalem is a place where all may worship “safely and peacefully,” he says. “Let’s not take that for granted,” he adds.

Ryan mentions Yonatan Netanyahu. He says that if the prime minister’s brother had lived to have grandchildren, he would have told them: “After thousands of years in exile, the Jewish people are finally back home… home in the land that so many have died fighting for… Home in the eternal, united capital of Jerusalem, never to be divided again.”

— Marissa Newman

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