Survivor describes harrowing stampede: ‘I have a kid at home, help me!’

One of the wounded interviewed by the Kan public broadcaster in hospital describes the harrowing minutes of the stampede.

“There were many people on me. And we slipped one onto another, more and more and more people, until the police decided to just pull the fences down and start to rescue people.

“It took time, and in the meantime I remember I was lying on someone and he wasn’t breathing.

“There was a point where someone just wanted to move, so he shoved a fist to here” – indicating his face – “and I felt myself stopping to breathe, and I said to him, I screamed, ‘Help me, move your hand!’ and I screamed to people, ‘I have a kid at home, help me!’

“Nobody knew what to do. They threw water from above, that’s all there was to do at that point.”

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