Thousands of Gazans attend pro-Hamas rally

Thousands of Palestinians wave green Hamas flags in a Gaza City rally in a show of support for the terror group, and call for renewed violence against Israel if Hamas’s demands are not met through diplomatic means.

A senior Hamas official tells supporters at the demonstration that the war with Israel won’t be over until the group’s political goals are reached.

The official, Mushir al-Masri, says “our fingers are on the trigger and our rockets are trained at Tel Aviv.”

He says Hamas would never consider disarmament, declaring: “we are not going to relinquish [our arms] until all our lands are liberated.”

Al-Masri also warns the Israeli residents of the Gaza border towns not to return home. “The settlers should not return to their homes unless Netanyahu complies with our demands,” he says.

He tells the crowds that Hamas will never forgo its “sacred” weapons, and still has many “surprises” prepared for the enemy.

However, he adds that Hamas is fully behind the Palestinian delegation in Egypt.

At the protest, al-Masri declares that Hamas is the clear victor in the confrontation with Israel.

“Netanyahu failed,” he says, according to Channel 2. “Our rockets reached Tel Aviv and Hadera and even Nahariya.”

But the greatest achievement, he says, is that “for the first time, an Arab force infiltrated the occupied lands held by the Zionists and this is a strategic victory.”

Elhanan Miller and AP contributed to this report.

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