Tibi and Ben Ari go at each other in tearful Knesset altercation

MK Ahmad Tibi can add “made a fellow Knesset member cry” to his list of accomplishments after an emotional exchange with Yesh Atid’s Merav Ben Ari.

The ruckus began when Tibi called out Ben Ari during a speech from the rostrum, saying he would never forgive her for saying she didn’t feel sorrow over the death of Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

After Ben Ari yells back that she’s not looking for forgiveness, Tibi calls her “scum of the earth” repeatedly, leading Ben Ari to approach the rostrum to shout at Tibi from a closer position, as Knesset speaker pro tem Yevgeny Sova tries to no avail to keep World War III from breaking out.

Fisticuffs are avoided, and Ben Ari is allowed to speak from the rostrum after Tibi departs.

“I’m sick of it, I’m done, what is this behavior,” she tearfully says. “Have I ever cursed at one of you? Did I talk smack about you? Never, not even when Ofer Kassif called me a hen.”

Later, Tibi ascends the podium again to inform Ben Ari and the Knesset that “Shireen Abu Akleh can’t cry anymore.”

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