‘We must stop Iran now before it’s too late’: Israel lauds new US sanctions on Iran’s IRGC

Foreign Minister Israel Katz thanks US President Joe Biden for his “ironclad commitment to Israel’s security,” after Washington announced a series of sweeping sanctions targeting leaders and entities tied to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Tehran’s defense ministry and its missile and drone program.

The sanctions come after Iran launched more than 300 missiles, drones and rockets at Israel over the weekend, in retaliation for an alleged Israeli strike on April 1 on a site in Damascus that Iran said was a consular building, which killed two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps generals and several other officers.

Britain also announced today that it has placed sanctions on Iranian military entities, including the General Staff of the Armed Forces and IRGC Navy.

“President Biden has called on all G7 partners to take the same path,” the foreign minister writes on X, formerly Twitter.

“This is our opportunity to form a global front and a regional coalition against Iran, together with the US, the EU, and moderate Arab states, to stop the serpent’s head that threatens global stability. We must stop Iran now before it’s too late.”

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