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Podcast: Daily Briefing Mar. 11 – Aspirin, the wonder drug that works on COVID?

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Today’s panel comprises health reporter Nathan Jeffay and United States correspondent Jacob Magid, along with host Amanda Borschel-Dan.

Jeffay updates us with new studies and research on the coronavirus pandemic, including the use of regular household aspirin in fending off a serious infection. Likewise, Jeffay explains why testing sewage could be the answer for countries that don’t have the vaccine or are worried about resistant variant strains.

Magid recently arrived in Israel from New York. Now that he’s out and about in Tel Aviv, he describes the differences he’s seeing in terms of behavior and vaccination rates between the two major cities.

The US and Israel are holding a first strategic meeting on Iran today. Magid explains its significance.

Finally, Magid gives a teaser for his in-depth feature on the American spin doctors and pollsters who are helping Israeli politicians run their election campaigns.

Discussed articles include:

Aspirin may protect against COVID-19, Israeli research finds

Full vaccine effect only kicks in 15 days after second dose, Israeli HMO says

Tweaked Israeli sewage test can check spread of coronavirus variants

Hadassah hospital said to furlough 80 workers who haven’t taken COVID shots

Israel and US to convene 1st strategic group meeting on Iran

Tippecanoe and Lapid too: US pollsters import American-style campaigns to Israel

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