Chilly receptionChilly reception

Prosor answers ice bucket challenge

Israeli UN ambassador has freezing water poured over his head, echoing his ‘cold reception’ in New York

Yifa Yaakov is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge cooling heads all over the world, Israeli UN Ambassador Ron Prosor decided to step up to the plate and take the freezing-cold plunge.

Answering a challenge from IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, Prosor on Tuesday took to the streets of New York City to douse himself with a bucket of water and ice cubes.

“As Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations I usually get a chilly reception in the United Nations,” Prosor quipped and made a few nominations of his own.

Standing next to a bucket, with a big bag of ice cubes in his hand, Prosor called on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “who spends most of his time trying to break the ice between countries,” to answer the challenge.

He also nominated his “good friend,” the US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, who he said was “leading the efforts to put ISIS” — the former name of the Islamic State terrorist group active in Syria and Iraq — “on ice.”

And finally, a smiling Prosor challenged — in Hebrew this time — Iranian-born Israeli singing sensation Rita, who he said “melted hearts” during her performance before the UN General Assembly in May of last year.

Once Prosor — still smiling — had made his nominations, he turned to his assistants and said “go head.”

One laughing assistant then picked up the heavy ice bucket with visible effort and emptied its contents over a shrieking Prosor’s head to the sound of applause.

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