Slidely, Getty Images team up to enable low-cost DIY videos

Users of Slidely’s platform can now access Getty’s library of nearly 2 million video clips to create fast, easy business promos

Shoshanna Solomon was The Times of Israel's Startups and Business reporter

Tel Aviv-based video platform Slidely is teaming with Getty images to make videos more accessible and easy to produce. (Courtesy)
Tel Aviv-based video platform Slidely is teaming with Getty images to make videos more accessible and easy to produce. (Courtesy)

Slidely, a Tel Aviv-based company that makes it easy to create promotional videos, has joined forces with Getty Images, one of the world’s leading creators of images, to help businesses increase the quality of videos they can use in social platforms.

Users of Slidely’s PROMO platform businesses will now be able to access Getty’s library of nearly two million stock video clips that will enable them to create high-quality videos at low cost, Tom More, founder and CEO of Slidely, said in a phone interview.

“We want to do for video what did for websites: make it accessible to all,” More said. The Nasdaq-listed created a do-it-yourself website platform that has made website creation more affordable and accessible to business and individuals.

Slidely’s platform enables businesses and individuals to make a video for a price as low as “20 bucks, which is actually groundbreaking in terms of how affordable it is,” More said. For that price you get to use Getty images, get access to licensed music, get a built-in text editor and you can add your own footage and content to create instant promos, he said.

The platform uses advanced algorithms and video advertising professionals to customize and match the videos created to the specific business categories and needs of the users. Easy customization tools allow users to personalize the videos “in minutes” – businesses simply add their logos and slogans, and the videos are ready to publish on social media platforms, the company said in a statement.

Slidely and Getty's new service is aimed at small businesses who lack the resources to create high quality video content. (Courtesy)
Slidely and Getty’s new service is aimed at small businesses that lack the resources to create high quality video content. (Courtesy)

Video creation is a strategy most businesses need to provide today to be part of the conversations generated by Facebook, Twitter and other social media, More said. But they are faced with high costs if they want to produce quality work – which requires writing a script, renting equipment, taking time off for the shoot and editing the images.

What Slidely and Getty are aiming to do, through their image and revenue sharing pact, is “bringing video content to the masses,” More said. “It is really about allowing any business to participate. Small businesses now have the capability literally within minutes to create stuff that looks like what the big brands are using on TV,” he said.

The Getty Images website serves creative, business and media customers in almost 200 countries. Getty Images works with over 200,000 contributors and hundreds of image partners to provide coverage of more than 130,000 news, sport and entertainment events, provides imagery for commercials and has a digital archive of historic photography, Slidely said in the statement.

“With social media platforms now a key part of any businesses marketing strategy, it has never been more important to access and use quality content, quickly and effectively,” said Peter Orlowsky, VP Business Development at Getty Images, in the statement. The partnership with Slidely combines “seamless, easy-to-use technology with the world’s leading creative video to allow anyone to create compelling communications.”

Slidely, founded in 2012 by More, has over 175 million users who have created over 40 million videos with over 300 million views, the company said.

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