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There’s a solution to every crisis – Plain Jane

The crisis meant the end of business for thousands of companies and startups around the world that weren’t ready to handle slow periods during the lockdown.

Plain Jane (courtesy)
Plain Jane (courtesy)

No matter how well someone organizes a business and how specific their plans are, some circumstances happen out of the blue and are beyond anyone’s control. If the business isn’t prepared to handle such moments of crisis, the consequences can be devastating.

The most recent example is the COVID-19 pandemic, which took the world by storm in early 2020. The crisis meant the end of business for thousands of companies and startups around the world that weren’t ready to handle slow periods during the lockdown. With no alternatives in place for turning profits, they were forced to shut their doors for good.
Plain Jane is one of the lucky businesses that were more than just well-equipped to handle the crisis; they even say that the pandemic boosted business for them. What was their solution? Read on to find out.

Focus on Online Sales

There is a reason Amazon has done so well: convenience. Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for their purchases because of convenience, and in a normal environment, companies should have a retail presence online. This was Plain Jane’s initial strategy when they started in 2018. Retail is difficult to crack into when you are bootstrapping a company and can’t front inventory with consignment and net terms, so Plain Jane focused on their online presence.

The pandemic dramatically increased the use of e-commerce due to lockdowns. For companies that focused only on brick and mortar, the pandemic hit them hard. Plain Jane’s online presence allowed them to weather the storm.
The founders of Plain Jane credit their bootstrapping as one reason they were successful during the pandemic. Growing a company with minimal resources, they had to be conservative with spending by not keeping a ton of inventory on hand and crafting each order as it comes in. This allowed them to remain flexible.

Any business owner or entrepreneur should be an expert in all aspects of their industry. Learning all aspects allows a person to understand the flow of the entire industry to keep all their bases covered and be prepared to overcome any obstacles. The co-founders run every aspect of their business, allowing them to jump in at any time, even fulfilling orders during a covid staffing shortage.

Do the Right Thing

In the relatively new and rapidly-growing CBD industry, the founders of Plain Jane believe that the best way to scale up quickly is to “do the right thing” by prioritizing quality and trust. By offering high-quality products at affordable prices, everyone has a chance to enjoy the benefits of hemp.
By scaling with minimal resources and doing right by their customers, Plain Jane has laid a solid foundation built on trust and affordability, two vital characteristics that can help the business withstand just about any obstacles that might come its way.

During a pandemic or more challenging economic times, consumers are more conservative with their spending, looking for lower-cost options. As Plain Jane has earned a reputation for affordability, this helped them attract consumers during a hard year.

Listen to the Customer

According to Plain Jane’s co-founders, one of the secrets to success is simply listening to the customer. Plain Jane builds the brand based on what their most loyal customers ask for. Their first product ever was a unique formulation that solved many people’s issues with the strong scent of cannabis. Using a unique water curing process, they removed the traditional cannabis smell and flavor, resulting in the world’s first low-odor, clean-tasting hemp cigarette.

Today, Plain Jane carries a collection of unique products that anyone can use. They cater to everyone, including medicinal and recreational users, as well as enthusiasts. They’re constantly rolling out new and unique products to provide all types of users with convenient solutions for using hemp.

Thankfully, their unique line of products and eye-catching packaging caught the eyes of Industrial Hemp Farms’ owners, Gus Hanger and Joe Pham, who acquired Plain Jane in October 2020. Industrial Hemp Farms has hundreds of suppliers and a reputable name in the industry, so they were able to help Plain Jane deliver the highest-quality products at affordable rates, which has been their mission from the start.

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