President Reuven Rivlin awarded certificates of excellence to 20 IDF soldiers with special needs at a ceremony held Tuesday at the President’s Residence.

The soldiers are part of Special in Uniform, an IDF program for people with disabilities, which is in partnership with Yad Layeled Hameyuchad and the Jewish National Fund.

The Special in Uniform soldiers are volunteers.

There are currently 350 people with disabilities serving in the army through Special in Uniform for a period of one to two years, working at a wide range of jobs at army bases and offices.

“You prove that nothing stands in the way of one’s personal drive, and there’s nothing the state can’t do,” Rivlin said in prepared remarks. “The draft into the IDF is important to integrate all of us into society, to be partners in the matters of our state. I’m proud and happy to host you and to salute you.”