The Palestinian Authority issued a ban on releasing photos and videos from the West Bank city of Hebron ahead of US President Barack Obama’s visit, which begins Wednesday, Channel 10 reported Tuesday night. The Palestinian media is expected to comply with the PA’s directives, according to reports.

Hebron residents are reportedly opposed to the US president’s visit and the Palestinian Authority is attempting to avoid embarrassment over hateful displays in the city.

Earlier on Tuesday, dozens of Palestinian protesters demonstrated in Ramallah against Obama’s 3-day visit to Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Jordan.

Demonstrators held an image of Obama dressed in IDF uniform with a tank in the background, titled “No hope,” while others waved shoes around.

Protester at anti-Obama demonstration in Ramallah on Tuesday, one day ahead of the US president's visit to the region. (Photo credit: Huwaida Arraf/Twitter

Protester at anti-Obama demonstration in Ramallah on Tuesday, a day ahead of the US president’s visit to the region (photo credit: Huwaida Arraf/Twitter)

A heavy Palestinian Authority police presence prevented the demonstrators from marching from Manara Square in the center of the city to the president’s residence in the Muqata’a, according to Palestinian media sources and the protesters themselves, some of whom were tweeting under the hashtag #ObamaOut.

On Monday, Palestinians vandalized a banner bearing President Obama’s image: They tore down the banner, hurled shoes at it, and spray-painted it with swastikas. An Associated Press TV video showed a taxi driving over the banner before it was set on fire in the West Bank town of Bethlehem on Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.