The suspected culprit in last week’s Burgas bombing allegedly argued with two of the victims before detonating the explosive he placed in the bus’s baggage compartment, Channel 2 reported on Tuesday.

Gilat Kolengi, whose husband Itzik was slain in the attack, told Channel 2 that she saw her husband and his friend arguing with the suspect after he “pushed their bags aside and put his inside.”

“They began arguing with him — at which point the [bomber], who saw them from afar, detonated the charge,” Kolengi, who was seriously injured in the attack, said.

Kolengi’s testimony was being cross-referenced with other witness accounts.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said Tuesday that the suspects in the Burgas attack likely entered Bulgaria from another EU country, bypassing passport control. He said they came to Bulgaria a month before the bombing — previous reports had suggested they had been in the country for only a few days — and stayed in separate hotels in various cities.

Israel’s Channel 2 said Tuesday that American intelligence believes the bomber traveled via Luxembourg. The Bulgarian news outlet BTV reported he entered the country from Romania.