Slashed tires and a wall daubed with “price tag” graffiti were discovered in the Palestinian village of Yasuf early Monday.

Local villagers reported that a carload of Israeli settlers drove into the village not long after an IDF patrol departed and committed the act during the night.

Yasuf is located in the northern West Bank, adjacent to the Jewish settlement of Kfar Tapuah.

Three cars were found with their tires slashed and the words “price tag, stone terror” were found painted on a nearby wall in the village.

The slogan was likely a reference to stone-throwing attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, usually in cars, in the West Bank.

In a separate incident early Monday, Palestinian villagers from Tormos-Ayya, near Shiloh, reported that the branches of some 20 mature olive trees were cut off.

Police are investigating both incidents.

Zachariah Sadeh of Rabbis for Human Rights told Channel 2 News online that recently there has been an increase in settler activity against Palestinians.

Channel 2 also noted that there have also been more incidents of rocks, and occasionally Molotov cocktails, being thrown at Israelis by Palestinians in the West Bank.

While several vehicles have been damaged in these attacks, there have been few injuries reported.