Israeli voters beware, some political parties’ platforms are not as close as their names appear!

According to recent survey conducted by Professor Avi Dgani of the Geocartography research institute, a whopping 81 percent do not know the difference between the environmental political party The Greens (Hayerukim) and the Green Leaf party (Aleh Yarok), whose platform centers around civil liberties and the legalization of cannabis.

The survey was conducted in early January on behalf of the Greens after several party activists reported being verbally attacked for allegedly supporting drug use while campaigning for the environmental platform.

According to the survey, nearly 14% attribute the Green Leaf pro-marijuana message to the Greens and 64% of respondents were not aware that the Greens is the party that supports environment-friendly policies.

As though this were not confusing enough, the survey did not even ask about another environmentally focused party, the Green Movement, which has joined Tzipi Livni’s Hatnua party for the upcoming elections.

Amir Meltzer, the leader of the Greens, decried the public’s ignorance on his party’s message. “The Greens have been around for 16 years,” Meltzer said in a press release. “We oppose unrestricted use of drugs and we support their use for medical purposes only.”