An Iron Dome battery was rendered inoperative for over a month after suffering flood damage during January’s large winter storm, the IDF said on Tuesday.

The anti-missile battery was only recently returned to fully operational condition.

The battery was not deployed when it was damaged, Army Radio reported, and was located in an aircraft storage hangar which was flooded by a nearby overflowing stream. A significant part of the hangar dates from the British Mandate period and has an arched roof open at the sides, the IDF said.

The electrical and battery systems of the system were completely disabled by the flooding and have since been “repaired and returned to full functionality,” the IDF said. An investigation found no negligence.

A fierce winter storm in early January, the wettest in decades, paralyzed much of the country with flooding.

Israel has five Iron Dome batteries, which were key to defending the country against rocket attacks during Operation Pillar of Defense in November, and is working on building more.