An Israeli student film has been chosen as one of three recipients of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Student Film.

The film, “Paris on Water” by Tel Aviv University student Hadas Ayalon, was picked as one of three winners in the foreign language category of the 41st Annual Student Academy Awards which will be held on June 7, when it will be revealed who won the gold, silver and bronze medals.

This is the first time an Israeli student film has won in the contest, Walla News reported.

The other two finalists are “Border Patrol” by the UK’s Peter Baumann and “Nocebo” by Germany’s Lennart Ruff.

Prizes are given in five categories, with three medals for each: Narrative, Documentary, Alternative, Animation and Foreign.

Ayalon’s film tells the story of Batya (Miriam Zohar), a famous former actress who is given an opportunity to return to the limelight, but an unexpected event on the day of the audition forces her to contend with her husband (Ilan Dar) and her priorities.