Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, or John Cleese ordering a strike on Iran.

And yet, in a new Israeli commercial, the British comedian and former Monty Python member appears to approve a strike on the Islamic Republic, along the way promoting Sababa Egozim chocolate-hazelnut spread.

The commercial, released on YouTube Thursday, features a group of Israeli military leaders entreating a trio of Western generals, led by Cleese as “General Rogers,” to approve an attack on an unnamed target, saying they “will be in and out in 33 minutes” and that “we have the right to defend ourselves!”

Cleese then takes a taste of a conveniently-located container of the sweet spread and dryly says “Sababa Egozim,” which the Israelis take as permission to order a strike.

“Sababa” means “cool” in Israeli slang (taken from the Arabic, like many Hebrew slang words) and “egozim” are “nuts.” Put together, though, the term is slang for “super cool” or “hell yeah.”