Mandy Patinkin’s ‘Homeland’ blessing
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Mandy Patinkin’s ‘Homeland’ blessing

Actor recites a simultaneous wedding 'Shehechiyanu' and season plug

Renee Ghert-Zand is a reporter and feature writer for The Times of Israel.

A blessing from Mandy Patinkin (photo credit: Screenshot the Colbert Report)
A blessing from Mandy Patinkin (photo credit: Screenshot the Colbert Report)

In a bid to get “Homeland” fans to get back to watching the show religiously, Mandy Patinkin gave an attention-grabbing plug for the series’s new season on The Colbert Report.

Not wedded to the notion that the recitation of the Shehechiyanu blessing should be limited to Jewish celebrations, Patinkin performed it at an on-air marriage ceremony presided over by Stephen Colbert. It was the “2013 Government Shutdown Wedding of the Century,” which sounds like a gag, but was in fact the legal union of Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le, a couple whose plans to be wed at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC were thrown in to chaos when Congress failed to pass the spending bill.

At the start of the super-quick ceremony, Colbert, dressed in clerical robes, introduced Patinkin, who plays CIA agent Carrie Mathison’s mentor Saul Berenson on Homeland. “Before they take their sacred vows, first a nondenominational Jewish blessing from the star of stage and screen, Mr. Mandy Patinkin.”

Sounding and looking very cantorial, Patinkin sang the Shehechiyanu and explained that it is “a blessing that celebrates new beginnings.”

“Like a wedding,” Colbert suggested.

“Yes,” Patinkin answered him.

Then, the Homeland actor turned to directly face the camera. “And like the new season of Homeland. Sundays at 9 pm. Only on Showtime,” he deadpanned.

With the show’s season 3 premiere having been up against the much-hyped series finale of “Breaking Bad” on September 29, Patinkin probably felt he had arrived at the time to ask Homeland viewers to demonstrate their devotion.

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