Kadima head Shaul Mofaz on Thursday launched his party’s campaign for January’s elections with scathing criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies on the Iranian issue, and a poster of a nuclear explosion with the slogan “Bibi will get us in trouble.”

“Netanyahu set down a timetable before the UN General Assembly and made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that we’re headed for a nuclear spring,” said Mofaz in a Petah Tikva press conference. “Previous Israeli governments handled threats level-headedly. But now there’s no responsibility or calculus — only obsession. There are no winners in wars, only losers; the only question is who will be the bigger loser.

“Netanyahu thinks only of bombing Iran,” Mofaz continued. “He takes an interest in nothing else — not in the economy; not in social issues; not in the younger generation; not in education — just a messianic zeal to attack and bomb the Iranian nuclear program.”

Mofaz went on to describe the alliance forged last week between the prime minister’s Likud party and Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu party as the union between “the reckless man [Netanyahu] and the feckless man [Liberman].”

Likud MKs dismissed the statements as desperate measures of a party in its final death throes. MK Danny Danon described the Kadima campaign as “embarrassing attempts at survival,” while fellow Likud loyalist Yuli Edelstein accused Mofaz of manipulating the public and “trying to sow panic.”

Mofaz joined a coalition with Netanyahu’s Likud earlier this year — a partnership that ended after less than three months, over apparently insurmountable differences regarding a proposed universal army and national service enlistment bill. He has previously hinted that the prime minister might be letting electoral considerations influence his policy vis-à-vis Iran.