NY Housing Authority carpenter sues over anti-Semitism

NY Housing Authority carpenter sues over anti-Semitism

Jewish man says he was repeatedly abused by his bosses as well as his subordinates based on his religion

A Jewish carpenter filed a federal lawsuit saying he was attacked with anti-Semitic insults and threats while working for the New York Housing Authority.

Mitchell Imberman, 60, of Manhattan, claimed in the suit filed in Brooklyn District Court that his bosses similarly attacked him when he asked them to help.

Imberman said subordinates called him a “filthy Jew” and a “dumb kike,” the New York Post reported Sunday. He also said in the lawsuit that his tools were stolen, swastikas were painted on the walls where he worked and he found feces on his chair.

The Housing Authority, which still employs Imberman, would not comment to the Post or The Associated Press.

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