Police arrest Israeli on suspicion of stoning Palestinian cars

Police arrest Israeli on suspicion of stoning Palestinian cars

Suspect allegedly threw a rock at a passing vehicle; may be connected to perpetrators of last week's petrol-bomb attack

Police on Sunday arrested an Israeli man on suspicion of throwing rocks at Palestinian vehicles near the West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut. The authorities also investigated the possibility that the suspect may have been taken part in the firebombing of a Palestinian taxi on Thursday, Ynet reported.

The owner of the damaged vehicle reported the attack to security forces and described his assailant. Police found the suspect during searches in the area and took him into custody. The report stated that the man was not cooperating with police investigations.

The stoning near Alon Shvut followed a similar incident on Thursday in which assailants hurled a molotov cocktail at a taxi traveling between the West Bank settlements of Bat Ayin and Kfar Etzion in Gush Etzion. All six passengers were injured; some of them suffered serious burns.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a letter to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday, pledging that Israel would bring to justice the perpetrators of the attack.

Netanyahu sent a message to Abbas and PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in which he said that he sees the incident as “very serious,” and is committed to finding those responsible. Netanyahu added that he will “closely follow the medical treatment received by those who were injured” and offered to extend whatever additional assistance may be necessary.

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