A convicted Palestinian terrorist told police he planned a second, fictitious terror attack against Israelis because he knew he would receive a hefty salary from the Palestinian Authority if he was imprisoned for it, according to a signed confession released by Israeli watchdog Palestinian Media Watch on Sunday.

The prisoner, Husni Najjar, informed interrogators in August that he plotted a fictitious attack with the explicit aim of being charged for a crime with at least a five-year sentence, during which he would receive a monthly salary that would cover the expenses for his upcoming nuptials. Najjar had already served a prison term for plotting a suicide bombing.

“Because of my difficult financial situation, as I told you, I decided to arrange an imaginary plan for the Shin Bet [security service] so that I will be arrested and receive more than five years in prison in order to receive a steady salary as a stipend from the PA in order to cover my debts and pay for my wedding,” the Hebron resident explained.

Najjar’s previous sentence had brought him only 45,000 shekels in total from the PA. The longer terms he anticipated, would yield 135,000. According to PMW, prisoners who receive more than five years in prison receive a steady salary of NIS 4,000 ($1,140) during their imprisonment, and continue to collect for three years following their release.

Najjar is presently in prison awaiting trial.

“The testimony of this Palestinian terrorist confirms PMW’s contention that the PA’s policy of paying high salaries to terrorists during their imprisonment in Israel and after their release not only rewards terror, but also constitutes a motivation for terror,” PMW Director Itamar Marcus and analyst Nan Jacques Zilberdik said in a statement.