Several dozen settlers demonstrated Tuesday afternoon outside Nablus, in the northern West Bank, in protest of recent Palestinian violence in the region, Channel 2 reported. The demonstrators, who according to settler reports numbered over 100, blocked the exit from the city and called for a stronger Israeli response to “Arab terror.”

Demonstrators held signs such as “Rock throwing equals terror,” “Stop showing restraint” and “Jewish blood is not forfeit.”

Samaria Regional Council head Gershon Mesika, also at the scene, told the demonstrators it was unthinkable that Jewish residents’ lives would be repeatedly disrupted by terrorist groups while the IDF’s hands were tied by the government.

The protest followed a shooting attack near the Tapuah Junction south of the Palestinian city Monday overnight. A Palestinian man had opened fire on Border Police forces there before being shot dead by the policemen. One policeman was shot and lightly injured in the incident. Palestinians later claimed the man was unarmed and had been killed “in cold blood.” The injured Israeli Border Policeman described to reporters in the hospital on Tuesday how he had come under fire.

On Tuesday morning a group of Palestinians clashed with security forces and threw rocks at Israeli cars near the junction. Two Israeli civilians were lightly injured by rocks, and their cars were damaged.

Last week, Border Police forces at the same junction discovered a Palestinian man wearing an explosive vest and thus prevented a planned suicide bombing.

“We need to let the IDF win, and it knows how to do this,” Mesika said. “If terrorism does not stop we will come down here time after time and escalate the protests.”